Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fragrance 411: Scent Concentrations

The first in a series that I will (hopefully) continue, based on fragrance information. This video is on fragrance concentrations... Cologne, EDT, EDP, etc.

For more information on Vero Profumo, please go to either http://www.veroprofumo.com/ or http://www.luckyscent.com/

Here is the list of my favourite websites to find perfume oils (in no particular order):

http://www.opusoils.com/ - fragrance with attitude!
http://www.sharonboltonscents.com/ - my favourite summer fragrances, hands-down!
http://www.luckyscent.com/  - stock perfume oils from Sage Machado, Yosh, Le Labo and sooooo many more...plus lots of fantastic brands, such as Creed, Tauer Perfumes, Amouage and Diptyque!
http://ayalamoriel.com/ - some of this talented perfumer's creations are available in oil form.
http://www.dshperfumes.com/ - some fragrances available as oils
http://www.possets.com/ - lots of interesting scents
http://www.blackphoenixalchemylab.com/ - many dark, gothic-inspired scents, but absolutely fascinating! (They also have a Fraggle Rock collection which I want to try so badly!!)
http://tranceessence.com/ - six stunning scents available in this concentration
http://themefragrance.com/ - photographer-turned-perfumer, Elizabeth Morrison has a huge range of scents...available from the website or from Theme Fragrance or Melodie Perfume Etsy stores
http://sarahhorowitz.com/ - fragrances come as EDP and oils


Disclaimer: I paid for all the products shown in this video, except the Bulgari (gift), Estee Lauder solid (gift), Sage Machado (gift) and Vero Profumo (gift) fragrances. I earned no monetary compensation from the companies for the video. All opinions are my own.


  1. Thanks for the mention!
    Themefragrance and Melodieperfumes

  2. Thanks for the mention!
    Themefragrance and Melodieperfumes