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Desperate Housewives, Forbidden Fruit

Fragrance type: Floral Oriental

Notes: “Rome apples, orange blossom, peach, wisteria (a nod to the show’s fictional Wisteria Lane), jasmine, ylang-ylang, passion lily, cedarwood, sandalwood, vanilla and tonka bean” (NST Perfumes)

Where can I buy it? Scented Monkey sells the 100ml bottle for $11.03 (US dollars).

Not being a fan of the television series, I was very sceptical about trying ‘Forbidden Fruit’. In the end, I had no choice in the matter – I was going to be promoting it in a department store, as it had just been released, so I had to try it (otherwise it’d be pointless, selling it not knowing what it’s like!)…to my surprise, I actually liked it! [And the free gift I got with it – a cute red apron!]

When I first bought this fragrance, I was not a floriental or strong floral kind of girl (this was before my taste in fragrances refined!)... but this one reeled me in – partly because it reminded me of my grandmother’s garden, and partly because it was sweet and fresh, just like how I liked my fragrances to be! 

On me, the top notes don’t stand out – so I don’t smell any apple, orange flower or peach, per se. To me the fruity notes just blend in with the florals - which appear straight away - and give them just a bit of an edge. 

The two notes that come to the forefront are definitely the Wisteria and Jasmine. This gives the fragrance a sweet and fresh feel, more mature than the Desperate Housewives image.

After 30 minutes, the base notes begin to surface – mainly the vanilla. Rather than the strong and sweet opening of the fragrance, you get a subtle, almost bittersweet feel. The opening notes are still there, but the addition of the vanilla and woods make for a more sophisticated base. It’s also got an old-world kind of feel, and is quite mature (not exactly the image you’d think of when imagining what a desperate housewife - think Teri Hatcher or Felicity Huffman - would hold their perfume in!)

Forbidden Fruit lasts about 6-7 hours on my skin, and, depending on the weather, I can still smell the base notes the next day!

Sure, it’s another of those ‘celebrity fragrances’, but that shouldn’t put you off trying Forbidden Fruit out on your skin.

Disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own money. All opinions are my own.

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