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Kenzo, FlowerbyKenzo (EDP)

*image courtesy of Kenzo Australia

Fragrance type:
Floral Oriental 

Notes: “Bulgarian Rose, Wild Hawthorn, Cassie, Parma Violets, Opopanax, White Musk, Hedione, Cyclosal” (Basenotes

Where can I buy it? Scented Monkey stocks the 100ml EDP $48.33 (US dollars).

Light, powdery and floral – that’s Flower by Kenzo in a nutshell! Do I need to go on? Oh, alright, if you insist! 

Before I continue with my review, I want to point out that you can purchase Flower in both eau de toilette and eau de parfum concentrations. The bottle I have is the eau de parfum, so that’s what I’ll be speaking about. 

FlowerbyKenzo was released in 2000 and was created by perfumer Alberto Morillas, who is the nose behind many well-known fragrances, including Givenchy Pi, Marc Jacobs Daisy, Versace Bright Crystal and Bvlgari Omnia. (For an extensive list of fragrances created by Alberto Morillas, go to Now Smell This.) 

As the name suggests, it’s a somewhat floral scent, with a warm powdery twist to it. Some people have described it as ‘baby powder’ – and I tend to agree. Looking at the notes for Flower, I couldn’t quite tell where this ‘baby powder’ base came from – it wasn’t just the musk, was it? I had to figure it I did a bit of research. Parma violets can have a powder-type aroma in certain fragrances, so that’s a possibility. Opopanax is also known as sweet myrrh, so that’s the warmth in the base. Hedione (Methyl dihydrojasmonate) is a chemical that smells a bit like jasmine, and cyclosal is another chemical, but I can’t find any information about what it smells like. With this research, I concluded that the powder effect must be a combination of notes! 

Onto the rest of the fragrance – from the beginning, FlowerbyKenzo is light and a nice balance of fresh, floral notes and a slightly sweet, warm base. I don’t get much of a change on my skin, except for a bit more of the powder after 30 minutes, but it’s a pretty linear scent, in my opinion. 

This was (not sure if it still is) my cousin’s favourite fragrance to wear – it smelt fantastic on her! So much better than it did on me – there was more of a freshness to the scent, and it really suited her as a day fragrance! My mum also likes Flower. We both received a miniature bottle of it a couple of years back, and she really enjoyed wearing it. [I gave my mini away to a friend, who fell in love with it...then I got a full bottle sent to me, and all was right in the world!] 

All-in-all, it’s very feminine, clean and light. Flower isn’t a fragrance that all women will like, mainly due to the baby powder feel to it. But if that’s the kind of smell you enjoy, or you can put up with, give Flower by Kenzo a try. You may be surprised! 

Disclaimer: I received this product for free from Kenzo Australia back when I worked with Perfume Critic. I earned no monetary compensation from the company. All opinions are my own.

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