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Lostmarc'h, Lann-Ael

*image courtesy of Lostmarc'h

Fragrance type: Gourmand

Notes: “Buckwheat, other cereals, whiffs of milk, apple and vanilla” (Lostmarc'h website

Where can I buy it? You can purchase a 100ml bottle of Lann-Ael from Luckyscent for $85 (US dollars). And for $3 you can buy yourself a sample! 

Late January, 2009, I was treating myself to a free make-over, as it was my last day of work, and afterwards, we were going out for farewell drinks. While I was waiting for the makeup artist to come back from serving someone, a customer sprayed a perfume behind was DELICIOUS!!!! Immediately, I turned and asked the girl what she sprayed, and she showed me the tester bottle in her hand – it was Lann-Ael. 

I had never heard of it or Lostmarch, the company who makes the fragrance, so I asked the girl doing my makeup (who was also one of the sales assistants) about the scent – she told me it was French, but didn’t know too much more about it, except it smelt amazing! After my make-over was done, I sprayed some Lann-Ael on my wrists and headed to work, promising I’d be back to buy the lip gloss she’d used on me. (Not knowing that I'd be purchasing a bottle of Lann-Ael as well!)

When I got to work (which was in a perfume store) I looked on the internet for information on Lostmarch, and found out that it is a company located in Brittany, and is actually spelled “Lostmarc’h”. Lann-Ael is one of six fragrances from the company – and each fragrance comes in a number of products, including an eau de toilette, shower gel and soap. (They also have a range of skin care products, products for men and scented candles.) 

‘Lann-Ael’ means ‘Angel heath’ in Breton, and I guess it’s an appropriate name, considering I find the scent “heavenly”! 

Of the fragrance notes listed above, I get a lot of cereal, milk & vanilla on my skin. The apple note isn’t noticeable to me – maybe it’s just there to add a bit more sweetness to the milk note? I don’t know! What I do know is that I love the smell of Lann-Ael! It’s absolutely a perfume you could only wear when the weather is cool, because of the warmth of the fragrance notes. You would expect it to be quite a heavy scent, because of the milk and vanilla – but it’s actually least, not on my skin! 

One downside to this fragrance – it hasn’t got the longevity you’d expect from a gourmand fragrance - but it’s an eau de toilette, so 4-6 hours is the best you’re going to get! On me, I’m lucky if I get 5 hours of wear from one spray to each wrist...and this includes the traces of vanilla at the end of the wearing. 

I’ve heard a few people saying this smells like Cap’n Crunch or soggy cereal at the bottom of the bowl, but I honestly think this is a gorgeous fragrance for vanilla/sweet scent fans.

Disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own money. All opinions are my own.

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