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Kylie Minogue, Darling

Fragrance type: Mossy Woods

Notes: Passion Fruit, Lychee,  Freesia, Lily, Boronia, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Amberwood (Kylie Minogue Parfums website)

Where can I buy it? FragranceNet sells the 75ml bottle for $33.19 US. Here in Australia, Perfume Connection has the 50ml for $29.95 AU.

To celebrate the release of Kylie Minogue's seventh fragrance, Pink Sparkle, I have decided to review her very first scent - Darling.

I have to admit it - Darling has a special place in my heart! It was the very first fragrance I ever promoted in department stores! My first time working in the fragrance industry, I wore a bright pink t-shirt with "Guess Who's Coming?" and the Kylie "K" symbol on the front, and the message "My fragrance - Kylie Minogue" on the back. I walked around one of Sydney's department stores, giving out spray cards, and inviting people to pre-order this new fragrance, whose name we weren't allowed to reveal until it was launched!

Two other achievements that came with this fragrance - it was the first perfume I ever bought for myself, and I received my very first sale not too long after I started working my first shift promoting Darling... and the sale was to the very first friend I ever made in kindergarten! Nice, huh?

Anyway... onto the fragrance itself. Officially, it's classified as a 'mossy woods' fragrance, but that doesn't really give you any idea as to what the scent will be like. Darling begins as a fruity-sweet fragrance, with a hint of flowers in the background. After ten minutes or so, those floral notes appear to blend more with the fruity notes, and the vanilla/woody base notes start showing their faces as well. The dry-down really just a lighter, fainter version of the previous stage in the scent's development.

For an eau de toilette, Kylie Minogue Darling has fantastic longevity. On me, it lasts over 8 hours, and the dry-down hangs around for a few hours after that. I love wearing this fragrance in autumn/winter on sunny days, when it's still cool enough outside that you need some warmth, but with some fruity sweetness added for good measure.

I've heard that Ms. Minogue is quite involved in the process of choosing what kind of fragrance she puts her name to. If this is true, I think she has a good nose for perfumes! All-in-all, Kylie's Darling has a spot on my fragrance shelf, and a place in my heart!

Disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own money. All opinions are my own.

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