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Hitting Shelves Soon: Thierry Mugler, Womanity

Thierry Mugler, the company behind the very famous 'Angel' is about to release its newest creation, Womanity.

According to the Thierry Mugler online boutique, the Womanity is "is the first sweet and savory fragrance creation", with notes of fig and caviar.

The new Mugler fragrance follows the launch of the website, which focuses on "the invisible bond between women".

Womanity will be available in several sizes - 10ml, 30ml, 50ml & 80ml (all eau de parfum), but Thierry Mugler are staggering the release dates for each size. Each size will apparently be refillable. 

Right now, the 10ml & 50ml are available on the Thierry Mugler online boutique for $28 US and $78 US respectively, with the 50ml refill bottle for $58 US.

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