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ExVinis, Fragranza No. 2 - Armeniaca Vulgaris

Fragrance type: Gourmand/Oriental

Notes: Coconut, Orange, Almond, Apricot, Peach, Bergamot, Rose, Lily, Magnolia, White Musk, Sweet Woods, Vanilla, Acacia Honey, Hints of Cream (ExVinis website)

Where can I buy it? First In Fragrance stocks the 100ml EDT for 90,00 EUR (approx. $114.35 US; $127.20 AU) – or you can try a sample for 4,00 EUR (approx. $5.10 US; $5.65 AU) 

Ah, comfort scents - how I love thee! You keep me warm like a giant blanket... ok, so I can’t do romantic language! Sorry about that!! :) 

Anyway, to begin “Sample September”, I decided to open a bag of samples I received from First In Fragrance – and I picked one at random. The label read “Ex Vinis No 2”...does that mean it’s an ex-wine? I had to find out what the scent was all about before I sprayed it on my wrists. So, off to the First In Fragrance website I went. 

The fragrances by Ex Vinis are inspired by wines, and are meant to be enjoyed by both fragrance & wine connoisseurs. There are six scents in the series, and each is inspired by a different type of wine. “No 2” is inspired by a sweet wine called the Passito di Pantelleria, which is apparently produced on the Lipari Islands, north of Sicily, Italy. 

As soon as I sprayed “Armeniaca Vulgaris” (the proper name of ‘No 2’), I could smell the gorgeous fruit notes – mainly the apricot – with a hint of the creamy base notes and the almond top note. It felt a bit familiar, like I was wearing Vanille Peach again...but I didn’t care! 

Ten minutes in, I noticed a bit of a change on my skin. It was slowly becoming less about the apricot, and more about the honeyed, muted florals (in no way do they overpower the rest of the notes). This fragrance seemed to get more luxurious the more it developed. Unlike Vanille Peach, the fruit notes subsided a bit, letting the warm base notes shine. 

“Armeniaca Vulgaris” would be perfect for autumn & winter days, when the winds are starting to pick up, and you’re wanting to wear something to warm you up.

Disclaimer: I received a sample of this product for free from First In Fragrance back when I worked with Perfume Critic. I earned no monetary compensation from the company. All opinions are my own.

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