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Paco Rabanne, Black XS for Her

Fragrance type: Woods 

Notes: Pink Peppercorns, Cranberry, Tamarind Blossom, Hellebore Rose, Patchouli, Massoia Wood, Vanilla (Basenotes

Where can I buy it? FragranceNet sells the 80ml EDT for AU $54.64 (US $55.19). They also have the 50ml  for sale. 

In June 2008, I reviewed Opus Oils’ Roller Girl fragrance, describing it as ‘sweet, with an edge’ and very much a rock chick scent. When I wear Black XS by Paco Rabanne, I get the same feeling – sweet but a little tough. 

Black XS for Her was released the same year as Roller Girl – in 2007 – and was created by Emilie Coppermann (the nose behind Givenchy Play and Kate Moss’ Velvet Hour) and Mark Buxton (who has his own fragrances, but also formulated scents for Comme des Garçons). The bottle, designed by Jérôme Falliant Dumas, gives an insight into what the fragrance will smell like, as well as possibly the target audience for the scent. Black on the outside, pink in the middle with a rose in the middle - tough on the outside, but still a girl at heart, perhaps? That’s how I see it anyway... 

Starting with a fruity floral opening with a hint of spice, the base notes take position as the anchor to the whole scent, thus giving us the tough girl part of the fragrance. What makes it so tough is the use of patchouli, a plant which, when used in perfume, gives an earthy and rich aroma, and has been likened to dirt! I love how perfume guru Katie Puckrik describes it as “skank” in her Tom Ford White Patchouli review

Anyway, back to Black XS – you get the fruit, flowers, pepper, then gradually the dirty, woody vanilla creeps up on you and starts to envelop the top notes in warmth & depth. [Wow! That last part almost sounded like I knew what I was talking about!] This ‘warmth & depth’ is where the tough girl aspect comes from. The earthy patchouli blended with the woods and sweet vanilla really save this scent from being just another fruity floral. 

Paco Rabanne’s Black XS isn’t a unique fragrance, but I honestly don’t care. It’s a scent that makes me feel a little bit tougher than I actually am in real life; it helps me bring out more of the rock chick side of my personality. Just give me a microphone and a stage and I’ll belt out a tune...maybe a bit of 80s all-girl hair band Vixen? :P

Disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own money. All opinions are my own.

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