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Theme Fragrance, Frolic

Fragrance type: Floral 

Notes: Jasmine, honeysuckle and musk 

Where can I buy it: Directly from Theme Fragrance’s website or their Etsy store – 5ml concentrated perfume roll-on for $15 US, half ounce (15ml) EDP spray for $18.50 US, solid perfume for $9.75 (also available as body butter and soap) or choose 4 deluxe mini roll-on samples for $18 US! 

It’s almost summer here in Australia –I really don’t like warm weather, but it gives me the opportunity to wear both tropical and white flower scents, which I do like. 
Today, I was looking for a fragrance to wear that I’d worn before, but not for a while...and it had to fit both the tropical & white flower categories. I’d set myself a challenge! My eyes settled on a little box I’d received from Elizabeth Morrison from Theme when I wrote for Perfume Critic. And there it was: the scent that fit the bill – Frolic! 

Wearing Frolic is like stepping off the plane in the South Pacific – a stunning floral blend of jasmine and honeysuckle, with a hint of musk in the base. The scent is bright, sweet and relatively strong – so beware, this isn’t a soft floral that you can wear without being noticed. You will certainly get some attention when you wear Frolic! 

The roll-on perfume, which is what I own, is the perfect size to put in your handbag or suitcase (if you’re going on a trip to a gorgeous tropical island!), as is the solid perfume. 

So if you’re wanting to find something to satisfy your love for both white flower and tropical scents, I recommend you give Theme Fragrance’s Frolic a try – why not take up their offer of the 4 mini roll-ons for $18 and try four fantastic fragrances from their amazing range!

Disclaimer: I received a bottle of this fragrance for free from Theme Fragrance when I wrote for Perfume Critic. I earned no monetary compensation from the company. All opinions are my own.

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