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In Memoriam - Mona di Orio: 1969-2011

I was sad to hear today that perfumer Mona di Orio passed away on Dec 9th due to complications after having back surgery. She was 42.

Born and raised in France to an Italian father and Spanish mother, Mona di Orio graduated from arts school with a Fine Arts and Literature degree...then she met master perfumer Edmund Roudnitska, and her life changed forever! Di Orio had the opportunity to study the art of perfumery from Roudnitska for 15 years, and in 2004 she founded her own fragrance house, Mona di Orio Parfums.

This is such a loss to the fragrance industry! Mona was such a talented perfumer - and I'm sure her fragrances will continue to give us insight into her love of perfume.

Mona di Orio has been on my "list of perfumers I would love meet" since 2007, when I first smelled 'Carnation' (the only fragrance of hers I've had the opportunity to sample). The composition of Carnation is stunning: perfectly blended and an absolute pleasure to wear!

Rest in Peace, Mona. You will be greatly missed.

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