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Lust Have It Favourites - Oct 2011-March 2012

Instead of doing a regular "monthly favourites" video this month, I decided to go through all the products I've received in my Lust Have It beauty subscription boxes and show you which products I'm really loving!

Products mentioned in this video:
* "Honey I Washed The Kids" soap - from Lush
* "Princess" cream blush - from Limelily Cosmetics (
* "Brown" Natural Mineral Eyeliner - from Nude By Nature
* Tresor Midnight Rose eau de parfum - from Lancome
* "Marseille" (Gardenia) body bar - from Glasshouse Fragrances
* "Jet" Waterproof Long-lasting Eye Pencil - from Limelily Cosmetics
* Sugar Scrub - from Lush
* "Miracle" (?) Juicy Tube - from Lancome
* Vanilla Lip Balm - from 1Skin Solution (
* "Acoya Pearls" Pearl Crush Creaseless Shadows - from Mirenesse

All essential info about Lust Have It can be found at their website:

Disclaimer: I paid for the Lust Have It subscription out of my own money. I earned no monetary compensation from the companies for the video. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Thank you sooooo much Livia for the great review! I will contact you next week and organise for you to try my other products! Happy Easter to You xoxox