About Livia

Livia Scarcella resides in Perth, Australia, but until mid-2011 had lived in Sydney (except for 2 months in Melbourne...long story...).

One of Livia's passions - fragrance! This love-affair with all things perfumed started back in 2006, when she was looking for a job after finishing college. A position as a "Promotional Demonstrator" for a fragrance promotion company came up, and Livia went for it - despite the fact that she'd never been interested in the field before then. After the interview process, the job was hers! And the rest, as they say, is history!

Livia has worked for two promotional companies in Sydney, Australia, and has also worked in a retail perfumery in both Sydney & Perth, Australia.

In December 2006, Livia met (in an internet forum) Marlen Harrison, who was interested in expanding his blog about perfume into an online magazine. After several conversations over the web, Marlen asked her to write a sample perfume review. Soon, Livia was contributing reviews and general articles about the fragrance industry to the magazine, now called Perfume Critic. By mid-2009, she had gone from Australian writer, to Assistant Editor, to co-editor alongside Mr Harrison.

After Perfume Critic closed its doors, Livia decided to embark on a solo project, Nose At The Ready - a blog which showcases her love of all things fragrant; whether they be perfumes, soaps, lotions, candles...anything of interest to Livia will be on this blog! NATR's sister blog, At The Ready, will showcase Livia's growing interest other beauty products, whether they be makeup, skincare or otherwise!

Livia also had the opportunity to write fragrance articles for the Australian online women's magazine, Rescu, from mid-2011 to mid-2012.

Apart from fragrance, Livia's passions include acting, autograph collecting, and music (singing, playing instruments, composing, listening to, teaching etc) - which she hopes to eventually pursue, by recording a CD...when she saves up the money!

If you'd like to contact Livia, you can do so by emailing: noseattheready AT gmail DOT com (replacing the AT and DOT with the appropriate characters).