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While I can't re-publish all of my Perfume Critic articles here on Nose At The Ready, here are direct links to them all...

(Unfortunately, when all the articles were transferred to Wordpress, the photos and comments from the old website didn't transfer...and even though it says that Marlen wrote them all, I can assure you that they are all written by me - my bio is at the bottom of the page!)

Fragrance Reviews
Arte del Profumo, No. 17 White Iris
Ayala Moriel, Fetish
Balmain, Ivoire de Balmain (mini-review)
Beth Terry Creative Universe, Element of Desire
Bond No. 9, Chelsea Flowers
Calvin Klein, ckIn2U Her
Giorgio Beverly Hills, G (mini-review)
Marc Jacobs, Daisy
MOR Cosmetics, Peony Flower
Mystic Memories, Dark Queen  (unfortunately no longer available)
Opus Oils, Roller Girl
Renee, Musk
Renee, Snow Peach
Sali Oguri, Pink Manhattan Purrfume
Sarah Jessica Parker, Covet
Selah Parfums, Selah
Sharon Bolton, Dream (mini review)
Sharon Bolton, Soul
Vera Wang, Rock Princess
Yves Saint Laurent, Parisienne (video review)

Bath & Body Reviews
[A'kin], Orange Blosson Body Wash
Back Of The Moon, Pure Jasmine Organic Hand Cream
Balanced Essentials, BE Calm
Body Shop, Papaya Bath & Shower Gel
Lush, Rock Star Soap
Scrumptious Beauty & Living, Chocolate Guest Soaps
Soapylove, Squeakymelon Soapsicle
Zaja Natural, Lemongrass and Sage Handmade Soap

Jo Hook, founder of Lakshmi NYC
Kedra Hart of Opus Oils
Michael Storer
Sharon Bolton

Other Articles
About the Critics: Livia of Australia
Bottled Up Emotions: The First Step
Bottled Up Emotions: The Second Step
Farewell Anita Roddick (1942-2007)
Kai - half hour then bye-bye?